Weekly Payroll Exception Form Instructions

We do understand at times there are technical difficulties with using myEVV app which should be very rare. In case on rare occasions if you have difficulty clocking in; Please call myEvv customer service at (757)-272-1719. If they are not able to resolve your issue, please call/Text our Pay Roll Department at 202-993-4049 . You can also send an email to Reem.Badwey@1st-americare.com

In the rare event if you are not able to clock in or out using myEVV please fill in the Weekly Payroll Exception Form after you complete your last scheduled shift of pay week (Pay week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday). This form must be submitted either by sending text of picture/photo/Screen shot to Pay Roll -202-993-4049 or by Email to Reem.Badwey@1st-americare.com no later than 12:00 Noon on Monday. If Payroll did not get this form by 12 Noon on Monday your paycheck will not be accurate.

“Weekly Payroll Exception Form” can be downloaded in Excel format here.

Please don’t hesitate to call/text/email Payroll Department if you have any further questions.

Thank you for everything you do for our Patients/Clients every day. We and our Patients/Client really appreciate it.